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Teaching and Research

With over ten years of teaching experience in Brazil, France, and Switzerland, my pedagogical activities are structured on three levels that are both independent and complementary. At the undergraduate and Bachelor's level, I offer comprehensive lectures on Brazilian studies and Latin American cultures, taking into account the complexity of the literary phenomenon and its connections with art, translation, and social life. At the Master's level or for more advanced research presentations, I conduct thematic seminars. Additionally, within the scope of Romance Studies and Comparative Literature, I lead cross-disciplinary seminars where literary research intersects with new media. I have experience working with students and researchers in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Furthermore, I have teaching experience in English and possess a good knowledge of German.

Research points:




"My role in teaching is, first and foremost, that of a transmitter of knowledge and its processes. Thanks to my experience, I have become familiar with the rules of art, literary, philosophical and popular traditions. The textual products are classified into various categories of these rules, recorded as literary genres. Some examples of contemporary literary tradition are music, poetry, novels, short stories, essays, screenplays, song lyrics, and narratives in films, installations, sculptures, paintings, etc."

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Past Events (Selection):

24 September 2022

Lecture "The Modern Effect of Anthropophagy: from Ritual to Manifesto"

Yale University: New Haven, USA

1 June 2022

Seminar "Indigeneity, Hybridity, Anthropophagy (II)" #6

Palais de Tokyo: Paris, France

17 November 2020

Focused Tour "Language and Utopia Tools for Utopia"

Kunstmuseum Bern: Bern, Switzerland

13-14 December 2019

Co-Organization "Poetry, Criticism, Translation: An International Conference"

Yale University: New Haven, USA

15 November 2019

Lecture "Inventing Skins. Reinventing Community"

"Crisis and Communitas," Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst: Zürich, Switzerland

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